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EWT Wind Turbines

EWT is a Holland-based global designer and producer of utility standard high performance

gearless wind turbines of 250kW,

500kW to 1MW. Increasingly

EWT is also providing energy

sales and energy saving solutions

to customers in selected jurisdictions, linked primarily to value derived from the kWhrs generated by energy savings accrued from the EWT turbine.

When EWT came to the United States they wanted a television presence and selected One Mouth, Many Voices for their voiceovers because of the many solutions that we have to offer.

EWT supplies a broad range of customers, across many countries and selected One Mouth, Many Voices because of our services, capabilities. script writing consultation and the many voices we have to offer.


All Paws Inn
TV Commercials

When the Glen Wood Financial Group wanted a series

of television commercials produced, they wanted a signature voice that evoked trust and confidence.   They selected Gary Deming of One Mouth, Many Voices.  The campaign turned out to be widely successful and a total of 5 spots were created around the one voice of Gary Deming.

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When All Paws Inn, the premiere doggy daycare in the region, wanted a unique voice to draw attention to their services, they turned to Gary Deming of One Mouth, Many Voices.  Using a combination of character voices, a small amount of Bronx accent and a touch of Joe Pesci, Gary gave this dog a signature voice.  And only as a dog can do, this one gives a great testimonial as to what All Paws Inn provides. 

Gary Deming

Trained Theatrical Actor

I am a trained theatrical actor.  Whether you need a straight-ahead announcer, a "typical dad" or game character, I can deliver! 


From a soft, concerned "hospital" voice. . . to a "furrowed brow" political read. . . to an upbeat, hard-sell or luxury car spot.


I'm a one-stop VO shop!  I'm extremely versatile and take direction well.  I also do a variety of accents, characters and even impressions.

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